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New project: eMotion

The eMotion project aims to analyse the experience of museum visitors by tracking their position as well as biometric parameters.

My contribution will be a wireless GSR sensor to measure skin resistance and heart rate, while tracking will be accomplished by ubisense UWB tags.
The team includes psychologists, sociologists, researchers in art theory and visitor studies, musicians, artists, programmers, and designers.


Motorized fader console for BEAST, the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre.
Emphasis on compact size (32 faders within 81x22cm) and resolution (16-bit ADCs, 12-bit positioning accuracy).
In 2012 clones were sold to MAAST, Kent and De Montfort, Leicester.

New project: Red Psi Donkey

Red Psi Donkey is a project inspired by imagery of the so-called “acoustic camera”, which is typically used in industry to locate and measure sound sources in a given scene.
In our case this sonic scene will be meticulously composed in a way such that an image of a donkey appears on the analysis screen. To add further confusion we plan on using ultrasound speakers, so nothing can be heard in the installation.