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Kleine Weltmaschine

Like “Berlin, Mitte der Welt” this is a spinoff of the G-Player series. As usual (some of) the sounds are a 1:1 interpretation of topographic data, this time imprinted on a vinyl disk that sits on top of an elaborate object that alludes to planetary motion. Above a chandelier-pendulum with a laser pointer “scratches” across the disk’s grooves which in turn is sonified and played back thru a rotating speaker, part of the above object.


Concert series curated by Gregor Hotz with 5 evenings juxtaposing the “Empress of Sounds” against “The Man with the Horn”. Or music by Alvin Lucier interpreted by women vs. saxophone soli played by men. The Lucier pieces were mostly realized with digital technology. In particular “Music for Solo Performer” was interpreted using a multi-channel alpha wave sensor and a periodicity detector implemented in MaxMSP.

New project: Red Psi Donkey

Red Psi Donkey is a project inspired by imagery of the so-called “acoustic camera”, which is typically used in industry to locate and measure sound sources in a given scene.
In our case this sonic scene will be meticulously composed in a way such that an image of a donkey appears on the analysis screen. To add further confusion we plan on using ultrasound speakers, so nothing can be heard in the installation.