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The Strophonion is a sensor controller devised by Alex Nowitz for manipulating his voice in live-electronic contexts. It was initially developed at STEIM, using their expertise in hardware design as well as their software offerings, in particular LiSa and Junxion. … Continue reading

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Zé Bif

Max patch for cutting fast between to video streams in realtime. Zé Bif is Jens Brand on video and Marcelo Aguirre on drums.

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4-channel switchable mic preamp mounted on trumpet. Phantom powered.

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A DSP-based synthesizer that takes sensor input from a seismometer to generate a set of sine waves to drive transducers.

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Speed of Light

Sound modules for the walking sticks used by visitors of the “Speed of Light” project by NVA, Glasgow. Barometric and acceleration sensors control a small DSP that runs a composition by Chris Weaver of Resonance FM.

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Two sets of headphone plus microphone exchange their sonic environemnt. Wireless.

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Added two pan potentiometers to a vanilla DJ mixer. Together with the cross-fader they form a square of four tap-to-ground pots.

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Modified guitar tuners to display words, pics, and patterns. Includes DEAF, EDDY, DEFECT, EFFACED, 8

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Sax Control

Frank mostly does his own sensor controllers. Here I just helped him to connect it to a wireless Eobody interface.

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Kleine Weltmaschine

Like “Berlin, Mitte der Welt” this is a spinoff of the G-Player series. As usual (some of) the sounds are a 1:1 interpretation of topographic data, this time imprinted on a vinyl disk that sits on top of an elaborate … Continue reading

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