Update noise measurement

Following a suggestion from “enjon” I tried the Room EQ Wizard to get a somewhat more meaningful SNR measurement. Here’s the result:

For the moment I’m happy with -116.1dBA, although there’s still a little room for improvement. The low frequency noise could be reduced somewhat, by moving the HP filter cutoff frequency up a notch, closer to the lowest string frequency.

Of course this still doesn’t compare with professional audio measurement gear but it’s definitely better than my initial simple RMS readout. Alas, I do miss having easy access to an Audio Precision Portable One like back in the days at ZKM.

Three more update tidbits:

  1. The guitar is connected via 10m of un-shielded (neither per pair nor overall) CAT-5 (Mogami 3367 to be precise). So for the moment I’m quite happy with the robustness of this new A2B link. Will have to see how it behaves under stage conditions.
  2. Initial tests were battery-powered. Switching to ordinary 12V supplies resulted in increased noise. So I ended up buying a top-notch supply from Funk Tonstudiotechnik – highly recommended gear if you’re willing to invest a bit more.
  3. As this was not a measurement with shortened inputs but pickups connected, I had to heavily dampen the strings as well as the guitar itself on the table. Without this it acted like a seismometer where any truck passing by four floors below would introduce significant rumble into the system.