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A simplified way to approach the Chromasone is to call it a virtual piano, although that doesn’t tell the story by far. It is played with a pair of data gloves fitted with bending sensors that are connected to a SensorLab, which also takes care of the 3-D spatial tracking of the hands’ positions, and outputs MIDI data that feeds synthesizers and samplers. Rather than replacing the piano’s keyboard for thin air, the Chromasone provides a sort of ruler that acts as a playing reference and can be rotated & tilted to change parameter mappings. Most of the initial development was done by Bert Bongers.


COEXIS = COmpiler & Emulator for maX Incorporated SPIDER (SPIDER = SensorLab Programming Integrated Development Environment). A project from my early days at STEIM as an intern, COEXIS was the bold attempt to write a cross compiler between Max and the SensorLab’s programming language SPIDER. While the project never made it past the proof-of-concept phase, it resulted in a set of externals for dynamic object creation, i.e. self-modifying code (since Max 4.5 this has become easier with the new scripting options).