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Zé Bif

Max patch for cutting fast between to video streams in realtime. Zé Bif is Jens Brand on video and Marcelo Aguirre on drums.

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Kleine Weltmaschine

Like “Berlin, Mitte der Welt” this is a spinoff of the G-Player series. As usual (some of) the sounds are a 1:1 interpretation of topographic data, this time imprinted on a vinyl disk that sits on top of an elaborate … Continue reading

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Stereo Sehen

Tracing the path of the Berlin U2 subway at the surface with a video camera, then juxtaposing it with the tunnel view. Presented in “stereo” on monitors inside the subway carriages, synced to realtime with a jog wheel from the … Continue reading

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Tutorial Diversions

Various Max patches for sound file manipulation.

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Two linked turn-tables, one playing vinyl cut to force the needle to hop, the other equipped with a pen mirroring these movements, drawing a seismogram.

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Concert series curated by Gregor Hotz with 5 evenings juxtaposing the “Empress of Sounds” against “The Man with the Horn”. Or music by Alvin Lucier interpreted by women vs. saxophone soli played by men. The Lucier pieces were mostly realized … Continue reading

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New project: Red Psi Donkey

Red Psi Donkey is a project inspired by imagery of the so-called “acoustic camera”, which is typically used in industry to locate and measure sound sources in a given scene. In our case this sonic scene will be meticulously composed … Continue reading

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Virtual 3D Audio Space navigated by visitors wearing headphones with ultrasound localization system.

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dark was the night

Speed-control for a set of turntables and a rotating light.

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Berlin, Mitte der Welt

aka PAM, the Parochial Audio Messenger. An off-spring of Jens Brand‘s Global Player project where sound is generated based on the earth’s topography. Rather than following satellites, here the track is derived from the phone number the visitor dials, which … Continue reading

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