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Concert series curated by Gregor Hotz with 5 evenings juxtaposing the “Empress of Sounds” against “The Man with the Horn”. Or music by Alvin Lucier interpreted by women vs. saxophone soli played by men. The Lucier pieces were mostly realized with digital technology. In particular “Music for Solo Performer” was interpreted using a multi-channel alpha wave sensor and a periodicity detector implemented in MaxMSP.

Optical heart rate sensor

Most mobile heart rate systems take their measurements from a simplified EKG circuit mounted on a breast belt. As it will be too cumbersome to ask museum visitors to don this, we decided to go for an optical sensor that clips onto a finger.


In there, the pulsing blood flow changes the amount of IR light that is reflected back to the photo transistor. The disadvantage is that this type of measurement is much more sensitive, in particular when the sensor moves against the skin.

New project: eMotion

The eMotion project aims to analyse the experience of museum visitors by tracking their position as well as biometric parameters.

My contribution will be a wireless GSR sensor to measure skin resistance and heart rate, while tracking will be accomplished by ubisense UWB tags.
The team includes psychologists, sociologists, researchers in art theory and visitor studies, musicians, artists, programmers, and designers.