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Speed of Light

Sound modules for the walking sticks used by visitors of the “Speed of Light” project by NVA, Glasgow. Barometric and acceleration sensors control a small DSP that runs a composition by Chris Weaver of Resonance FM.

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Sax Control

Frank mostly does his own sensor controllers. Here I just helped him to connect it to a wireless Eobody interface.

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Stereo Sehen

Tracing the path of the Berlin U2 subway at the surface with a video camera, then juxtaposing it with the tunnel view. Presented in “stereo” on monitors inside the subway carriages, synced to realtime with a jog wheel from the … Continue reading

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Spinning ping pong balls around 2 axes. Intricate patterns turn into concentric circles. High speed, high precision stepper motors with custom drivers controlled by FPGAs solving 5th-order equations in realtime, with a focus on event timing. Also filmed with cameras … Continue reading

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Tracking a balloon that carries trumpet players as well as sensors, transmitting information to a server that drives a set of MIDI sound modules, all wireless.

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Installation at singuhr by Boris Baltschun and Serge Baghdassarians with “Z.K.M.” as well as new works like “duell”, “squaring (sauna)” and “spirit level”

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Concert series curated by Gregor Hotz with 5 evenings juxtaposing the “Empress of Sounds” against “The Man with the Horn”. Or music by Alvin Lucier interpreted by women vs. saxophone soli played by men. The Lucier pieces were mostly realized … Continue reading

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Optical heart rate sensor

Most mobile heart rate systems take their measurements from a simplified EKG circuit mounted on a breast belt. As it will be too cumbersome to ask museum visitors to don this, we decided to go for an optical sensor that … Continue reading

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First GSR prototype

Decided to base the sensor system on Cypress’ PSoC architecture to explore the possibilities regarding its configurable analog subsystem. For now I’m using it to control the gain of the second stage GSR amplification. Regarding wireless transmission we settled on … Continue reading

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New project: eMotion

The eMotion project aims to analyse the experience of museum visitors by tracking their position as well as biometric parameters. My contribution will be a wireless GSR sensor to measure skin resistance and heart rate, while tracking will be accomplished … Continue reading

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