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Matrix Controller

Control surface for Boris Baltschun

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Motorized fader console for BEAST, the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre. Emphasis on compact size (32 faders within 81x22cm) and resolution (16-bit ADCs, 12-bit positioning accuracy). In 2012 clones were sold to MAAST, Kent and De Montfort, Leicester.

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Unna Unit

128 servos and 3 LEDs controlled by two gluions. The latter don’t act as interfaces like usual but run a custom FPGA configuration that implements the complete behaviour model. No additional computer involved.

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gluivey 1600

Modded Peavey1600 fader box for 16bit resolution.

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Matrix Guitar

Custom gluion code for Warren Cross’ Matrix Guitar

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dark was the night

Speed-control for a set of turntables and a rotating light.

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Trumpet Control J

gluion upgrade for Jonathan Impett’s Meta-Trumpet. Also added a gyro.

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Pneumatic Sound Field

Modified gluion for sample-accurate control of pneumatic valves. Driven by an ADAT line with 64 dual-channel outputs.

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gluion upgrade for Nic Collins’s trombone-propelled electronics.

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Guitar Control C

gluion upgrade for Peter Cusack’s sensor guitar

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