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4-channel switchable mic preamp mounted on trumpet. Phantom powered.

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Added two pan potentiometers to a vanilla DJ mixer. Together with the cross-fader they form a square of four tap-to-ground pots.

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A frame without picture, but with sound. Controlled by a radar sensor.

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Concert series curated by Gregor Hotz with 5 evenings juxtaposing the “Empress of Sounds” against “The Man with the Horn”. Or music by Alvin Lucier interpreted by women vs. saxophone soli played by men. The Lucier pieces were mostly realized … Continue reading

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Second prototype

Second prototype, now complete with DC-DC converter and OpAmps for GSR and the optical pulse signal. The board matches the size of the Lantronix Matchport.

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First GSR prototype

Decided to base the sensor system on Cypress’ PSoC architecture to explore the possibilities regarding its configurable analog subsystem. For now I’m using it to control the gain of the second stage GSR amplification. Regarding wireless transmission we settled on … Continue reading

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New project: eMotion

The eMotion project aims to analyse the experience of museum visitors by tracking their position as well as biometric parameters. My contribution will be a wireless GSR sensor to measure skin resistance and heart rate, while tracking will be accomplished … Continue reading

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Zweite Konservatorische Maßnahme

ZKM= Zweite Konservatorische Maßnahme Installation controller

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Handheld sound generator. Produces sine waves and clicks.

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Sensor to detect nails pulled out of a surface.

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