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Modified guitar tuners to display words, pics, and patterns. Includes DEAF, EDDY, DEFECT, EFFACED, 8

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Kleine Weltmaschine

Like “Berlin, Mitte der Welt” this is a spinoff of the G-Player series. As usual (some of) the sounds are a 1:1 interpretation of topographic data, this time imprinted on a vinyl disk that sits on top of an elaborate … Continue reading

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Die Musik der Übenden

Klangkunst am Bau. A site-specific installation for the courtyard of Musikhochschule Mainz. An organ (mechanical, but electrically controlled) accompanies the acoustic mix coming from 24 rehearsal rooms. Each of these rooms is equipped with a pitch analyzer connected to a … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Instrument

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Motorized shamanic object as part of the HKW exhibition “Der Traum vom Fliegen”

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A frame without picture, but with sound. Controlled by a radar sensor.

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Tracking a balloon that carries trumpet players as well as sensors, transmitting information to a server that drives a set of MIDI sound modules, all wireless.

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Installation at singuhr by Boris Baltschun and Serge Baghdassarians with “Z.K.M.” as well as new works like “duell”, “squaring (sauna)” and “spirit level”

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Two linked turn-tables, one playing vinyl cut to force the needle to hop, the other equipped with a pen mirroring these movements, drawing a seismogram.

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Controller based on a Bluetooth Arduino. Measures Rotation, Pressure, and Tilt.

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