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Tracking a balloon that carries trumpet players as well as sensors, transmitting information to a server that drives a set of MIDI sound modules, all wireless.

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Reflective ultrasound sensor to MIDI.

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Motor-driven ratchets controlled thru MIDI – creating loudness without loudspeakers.

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Installation project for a kids show inspired by ‘Sendung mit der Maus’. The Elefantenbogenbrücke is a rainbow-bridge with step sensors that trigger samples as you walk across it.

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As visitors probe a dictionary database, with each newly found word a frame is erased from a series of monkey clips and replaced with a solid colour. 51600 words – 51600 frames – 51600 colours, a price for every 1000th … Continue reading

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Computer aided score generation of Balinesian Gender Wayang music, based on multi-channel envelope recordings. The recording system required a custom acquisition system as multi-channel audio interfaces were not available in the early 1990s. It was implemented by Thomas Ruoff and … Continue reading

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First Major Topophonien Installation at Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe

After two smaller concerts at Schloss Gottesaue and Stephanssaal (both in Karlsruhe) the first major Topophonien installation took place at Badischer Kunstverein. Both 16- and 24-channel systems were used to their full extent…

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The Topophonien project marks the point at which I turned my hobby of building music-related electronics into a job. Prior to this I had mostly tinkered with various guitar effect circuits, so when Sabine Schäfer approached me in 1990 with a … Continue reading

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