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Berlin, Mitte der Welt

aka PAM, the Parochial Audio Messenger. An off-spring of Jens Brand‘s Global Player project where sound is generated based on the earth’s topography. Rather than following satellites, here the track is derived from the phone number the visitor dials, which … Continue reading

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G-Player 4

What’s the sound of a giant turntable needle scratching across the earth’s surface? Find out by listening to the G-Player4 where satellites are tracked in realtime to mark a path across a world-wide topography. Data (altitude samples) from the SRTM … Continue reading

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Sound track for a ‘line-flicker’ video, generated by feeding the line patterns directly into an iFFT.

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Computer aided score generation of Balinesian Gender Wayang music, based on multi-channel envelope recordings. The recording system required a custom acquisition system as multi-channel audio interfaces were not available in the early 1990s. It was implemented by Thomas Ruoff and … Continue reading

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Traguisma – the TRAnsient GUItar State MAchine. Or, if you prefer the official title: ‘Algorithms for Combined Sound Analysis and Synthesis and their Implementation in a Multi-Processor Environment’. This was to become a ‘Diplom-Informatiker’, my graduation project. In short it … Continue reading

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